Imani Speaks has been a Radio Presenter & DJ for nearly 10 years. Live conversations that inspires and music that lifts your spirits, feed your mind and makes you want to move.

She grew up listening to all genres of music such as reggae, pop, soul and classical music.

She loves playing the music of her early years, She loves the contemporary sounds of today; but there is something about the old classics that has stood the test of time in her opinion.

Making A Difference

By day, Imani works as an Intuitive Well-being Coach and Relationship Agony Aunt, providing sacred space for her clients looking for support, when it comes to matters of the heart. Imani has worked with thousands of clients for nearly 20 years. 

Imani’s work covers the four dimensions of life – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Imani is a certified Relationship, Life & Well-being Coach with many years experience but her most potent lessons and teachings have come out of her personal life experiences. 

On a personal level, she has dealt with career challenges, family issues, separation, divorce, post-natal depression and health challenges including several near death experiences.  She has hit rock bottom several times but has always bounced back carrying on in pursuit of her soul’s goals and her commitment to making a difference in the world.

Qualifications, Skills & Abilities

Imani has qualified as an accredited life coach, a certified master love & relationship coach and a certified relationship facilitator and more recently .

Imani is also a qualified cartomancy consultant and has created a short course relating to The Major Arcana and its impact on the journey of the soul. (You will be able to download a FREE copy soon).

She recently completed a coaching certificate in health and well-being. She is currently studying for a degree in metaphysics.  

Imani has been a personal development enthusiast for over 30 years.  She is also certified in Law of Attraction and incorporates both of these disciplines into her life and work. 


Imani is an avid reader and particularly love books on personal development, spiritual growth, health and relationships.  She enjoys good food and practices OMAD to stay healthy.

Imani loves all genres of music from roots reggae to classical music.  She loves to write poems and inspirational short fiction stories.  She is also trying her hand at coding to keep her brain balanced, it’s a left-brain v right-brain thing!?

Wedding Day April 1995

Radio, Podcast & DJ

Imani celebrated 9 years in broadcasting in May 2022.

She is a radio host/DJ on award-winning radio station Concious Radio   All her radio broadcasts can be heard on her Podcast – (Stop The World!!! For Just An Hour! with Imani Speaks) or live on Wednesdays 9 pm (UK time) or on her podcast page

Imani is also a very part-time Youtuber still growing and developing her channel. She is also developing Imani Speaks Live Video Show – interviewing inspiring guests.

From Sick to Well & Fit

Imani discuss her health challenges in the book Smashing Through the Brick Wall. Back in 2000 Imani was sick with symptoms of obesity weighing in at nearly 200 lbs, with raging blood sugars, high blood pressure, and excruciating pain from IBS with symptoms of bloating in the belly. Her doctor had told her she was at death’s door.

Imani now practices intermittent fasting, OMAD and ADF to stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office.

She also practices daily meditation and EFT Tapping to deal with stress.

Family & Personal Life

Imani is mother to Antoinette and grandmother to four granddaughters aged 8 – 23 years old. 

She is the eldest of her siblings and enjoys spending quality time in nature and with close friends and family.


Imani has also gone through several near-death experiences, some of which you can read about in best selling books Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling and Smashing Through the Brick Wall.

Imani is a co-author in both books together with several other authors who also share their incredible stories.

Both books are part of a trilogy compiled by the publisher, multi-book author and business entrepreneur Rebecca Adams.  The third book is Smashing through the Stop Sign of Life and I was really honoured and blessed to write the foreword for this incredible best-selling book written by 17 authors sharing their true-life stories.

Imani Speaks Second co-authored book
Smashing Through The Brick Wall 2021

Early Life

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