Heather Haywood Of The Popular 80s Soul Band Coolnotes


Heather Haywood, a name synonymous with soulful melodies and a captivating voice, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Renowned for her work with the Cool Notes, Heather’s distinctive style and her innate ability to connect with her audience have earned her a dedicated fan base worldwide. In this blog, we’ll delve into the remarkable journey of Heather Haywood, celebrating her contributions to the world of music and her thriving solo career.

The Cool Notes Era

Heather Haywood’s journey in the world of music began as the lead singer of the British R&B band, the Cool Notes. The Cool Notes, formed in the late 1970s, quickly gained recognition for their fusion of R&B, soul, and funk influences. Heather’s mesmerizing voice played a pivotal role in their success, as she lent her incredible vocal talents to hit tracks like “In Your Car” and “Spend the Night.”

The Cool Notes’ soulful sound and catchy tunes garnered them a dedicated fan base throughout the 1980s, making them a household name in the UK music scene. Heather’s emotive and powerful vocals, along with the band’s infectious grooves, became synonymous with good times and danceable music.

The Transition to a Solo Career

While the Cool Notes continued to enjoy success, Heather Haywood began to explore her potential as a solo artist. Her unique vocal prowess and the desire to experiment with her style prompted her to embark on a solo journey, which has proven to be equally remarkable.

Heather’s solo career took off with the release of her debut single, “Party Tonight,” a track that showcased her ability to infuse her soulful sound with a contemporary twist. Her subsequent singles, such as “Space,” “Take My Time,” and “Stay” solidified her position as a solo artist to be reckoned with. Each track exhibited her versatility as a singer and her willingness to explore new genres and experiment with her music.

Collaborations and Influence

Heather Haywood’s influence extends beyond her solo career. She has collaborated with various artists, contributing her mesmerizing voice to projects that have enriched the world of music. These collaborations have further showcased her ability to adapt her vocal style to different genres and her dedication to musical innovation.

Heather’s work, both with the Cool Notes and as a solo artist, has inspired aspiring musicians around the globe. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of music and the unshakable passion that drives her to keep creating and connecting with audiences.


Heather Haywood, the gifted singer known for her work with the Cool Notes, has not only left an indelible mark on the music industry but continues to captivate audiences with her powerful performances and innovative solo career. Her soulful melodies and unique vocal style have made her a beloved figure in the world of music. Heather’s journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians, a reminder that talent, passion, and dedication can lead to a lasting legacy in the world of music. As she continues to explore new horizons in her solo career, the music world eagerly awaits the next captivating notes to flow from her enchanting voice.

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