Imani Speaks Near Death Experiences

I’m good. I’m really good. I’m really, really happy and honored to be on your wonderful show. And you know, thank you so much.

Absolutely. One one good turns One good turn deserves another couple of months ago now. Several months ago now we I was on your show. And that was an honor.

Yes. Yeah, it was. Yeah. It was lovely. having you on Minister. Thank you so much. Yeah. It was a great day. I remember. Yeah.

Yeah. Welcome to the show. And also for the audience that are listening. IMANI is calling in from the UK. Which part of the UK are you when

I actually in Cheshire at the moment, but I was born in London.

Okay. Okay. And as we get started, you are also a, a fellow radio host like myself. So that’s nice to speak to a lot of fellow radio host.

Before we sell every radio host.

Before we talk about the radio, just give us a little bit of background about yourself.

Oh, wow. Right. So I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother for I’m, you know, I’ve worked in the medical areas that medical PA for many years, before doing more personal development, coaching, which is what I do now, for a living as well as, you know, sort of personal development, blogging as well. And radio hosting, as you just said, you know, I’m someone who’s always for a very long time, in my 20s. So development is something that I stumbled on. And I found that it sort of really helped me in many areas of my life, until, you know, race up until now, it’s something that I feel is really important, and it’s part of everything that I do. And I don’t know, I mean, I don’t know, when they say personal development. I don’t know if people if I need to sort of elaborate on it a little bit

more Sure. Why not? It might mean different things to different people.

Yeah, I suppose I suppose that the easiest way to kind of talk about it is to sort of say, Have you heard of people like Les Brown? Tony Robbins? Yeah. Brian Tracy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. So for me, sort of many years ago, I stumbled on and books, certain books by saps that some people there was Louise Hay, Louise Hay had written a book that I stumbled upon and and thinking Grow Rich again as Napoleon Hill.

Yes, yes, yes, absolutely.

Yes. Yeah. So for me, my background, I grew up, going to church going to Sunday school. So there was, you know, that, you know, that background, there’s always that kind of motivational stuff going on. Anyway, yeah. But then as I sort of, as I kind of started to open up and, you know, go on my own journey, and read books, and go to seminars, I found, you know, it sort of opened me up to because I’d always, always been shy, and I am still a shy person.

But I think, you know, for me, when you have something that is what you might call it, you know, something that holds you back, you’ve got to push past your fear. And that’s what personal development has done for me, you know, sort of learning that it’s not about looking at the obstacles in front of you, it’s about looking beyond that. And, you know, going around your obstacles, rather than, you know, standing there focusing on you know, the problem, it’s about, okay, here is a problem. And I’m going to, you know, I’m going to find a way to deal with it. So you spend so much more time focusing on the solution, rather and you know, getting stuck with the, you know, I can’t do this thing, because, obviously when something comes up and you’re scared, Mike,

I’m kind of scared now. So you take it on you so you say okay, that’s the first feeling but you know, it’s about learning not to let your emotions rule you not your lead not to let your emotional mind rule you. Yes, yes. To for you to Mark Yeah. For you to master There’s a saying, you know, the mind is a powerful. The mind is a powerful servants is very good servant, but a lousy master. And if you if you allow the mind to take you where it’s going, it’s fine. It’s like sitting in the car, and you know, somebody else is driving, and then you wake up, you’re sleeping at the bank, and you wake up and you’re like, oh, you know, where am I?

Where I was expecting to go? Right? What happens? Yeah, so what personal development does, it teaches you how to, you know, take charge, it doesn’t mean you won’t have challenges, it doesn’t mean you will never get scared. But it means that you will always find a way to overcome your fear. You know, you just keep your keep finding different ways. Because, as we you know, we know there’s many perspective, there’s, there’s many ways to do one thing. So if you can’t, if you can’t see, if you look from one direction and say, Oh, my God, this is really hard. And you try from you look at it from another perspective. And sometimes that’s why it’s really good to speak to somebody else. Because they will show you know, they will show you, from their perspective their way. And that can change things for you. Because you start thinking, wow, I was seeing it from this angle. But when I look at it from this angle, it’s so much more easy for me to deal with. All right. I don’t know I can go.

IMANI cuz you and I talk even offline. And we could talk for hours. But yeah. So you try to you, you basically are overcoming your fears. You’re just jumping straight into it. Because you say that you’re shy, shy person, but you’re doing radio? How many people who are shy? Who who who are brave enough to do radio? I mean, you’re not doing TV yet? Or you’re not doing video yet? Well, I think you probably will. In the future. We look at that. Look at that beautiful face. Everybody. Look at that beautiful face in the chat room. Taylor Ray, Jackie mesh. And Lori’s Jason Baldwin. These are some people that have just joined welcome, you guys. But look at that beautiful face, she should be on camera, right? What led you to do radio What made you start doing radio?

Okay, um, what it was my brother had written a book. And he got quite a few opportunities for for doing that, you know, people wanted him to do, you know, come and speak at their events. And he got one of the things he got was a radio show. But due to family commitments and work commitments, he didn’t he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t fit it into a schedule. So he said, he said, he knows that I was, you know, really into personal development and all these types of things. And always, always sort of looking at motivation in that lifting. And if you know if we ever talked if he wanted to talk to me about something, you know, I would always come from that stance. So anyway, he said to the studio manager, he said, You know, when I can’t do it, but I’ve got to, you’ve got I’ve got a sister, and I think, you know, she’ll be able to do it, she’ll be okay, what you’re looking for, right? So anyway, he organized, it already organized, know that it was going to get me in and I would meet the studio manager and take it from there.

So anyway, he came when he was even though we was on the phone talking, and he said, you know, telling me what was happening? And then he says, Oh, by the way, I’ve been offered this radio show, but I can’t do it. But you know, I know someone who can say no, okay. Because, you know, are you serious? You know, because you goes, well, you can and you will cuz, you know, it, the book he’d written was all about the power of the mind and what have you. He was, you know, he was using that on me. And I was like, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t say that. And I have to do this. So I said, Oh, why. And then I went along. And as they say, the rest is history. And I you know, I was there with that radio station for about a year. And then when I moved up north, which is where I am now, you know, with another station and stuff. But yeah.

So I was when I did my first show, Melissa, and the first show I did was I was really talking about personal development and you know, playing music. And then the radio, the radio manager rang me during the week, you know, second week. Oh, you’re going to be interviewing someone, you know that this week. Next week. I said, Are you serious? It was another you know, this is another sort of milestone to get through It’s okay, no way I can move people. Oh my god. So anyway, I said, you know, I’ve got the details of the gentleman that I had to interview. And you know, I said to him, I said, you know, this is my second week in radio, and, you know, I’m really nervous. And he was so you know, he was so supportive. He said, Don’t worry, I understand. And, you know, we sorted out questions that I would ask and blah, blah, blah. And then we did it. We went on there. We went on the air, we did it. And I’m telling you,

Melissa, that was it for me. After that, it was interviewing people every week. I absolutely loved it. Oh, I absolutely. was nervous for the first 10 minutes or so. And then after that I just found, you know, I felt so you know, comfortable with it. And what I think what it was because the the person that I was interviewing was, what he’d written the book, and he was what I call a personal development specialist has everything that everything that came from his, you know, was very empowering. So I was actually feeling you know, inspired and motivated. And Howard, as we were speaking. So, as I said, we were talking, I was asking the questions based on the fact that Yeah, wow, this is, you know, so I really enjoyed it.

And from that show, what I’d had planned was I was going to do, you know, I was going to talk about different aspects of personal development development, I might use check, you know, choose an area I might talk about work on, we have relationships and other weeks of love another week. But what after doing after doing that, I found Yeah, I really enjoyed it. And from then I just, you know, brought people in from all different, you know, different areas, whether it’s talking about, you know, work business, family, relationships. And really, you know, that’s been my format ever since.

Okay, great. Now, you’ve had you have quite an interesting life. And we’re going to, we’re going to dig a little bit deeper into some of the experiences you’ve had. Now. You’ve had some pretty close calls with death, right? Could you just talk tell us a little bit about some of these experiences you’ve had that have? Basically, you’re like, you’re like a cat with nine lives, right.

I don’t know how many I’ve got, honestly, you’re so right. My goodness, yeah. It’s, you know, it’s true. When I, and it’s funny, I, you know, you go through these things, and you don’t realize, you know, how many, until one day I sat down and I was, I can’t remember what made me look at it, but you know, various times in my life, I might, because I like writing. So sometimes I’ll journal, you know, for sometimes for hours, you know, like, you know, not hours nonstop. But, you know, throughout the day, maybe an hour here an hour there.

Anyway, yeah. So as you say, the end D is the first one that I recall. And it’s still very, you know, clear in my mind, was when I was about five, and I used to be my grandma, my beloved Grandma, you know, she’s no longer with us. I used to be a handbag. Everywhere she went, I was there to say, Oh, your system is your system is on bike. Because I was always. So we was going to one of these Wednesday, I think it was like a Wednesday, you know, kind of midweek you know? So we were rushing to get we’re getting on the bus and the bus came and we and for whatever reason, cuz then my grandma always puts me on top put me first so put me first and then she goes on. But I something happened.

I slipped off. And they ended up under the bus. And the bus. The bus. The bus was moving the bus and my gran screamed out because you know, a grandchild is under the bus. She don’t know if I’m flush. She didn’t know what happened. Wow. And so, you know, obviously they stopped it. And it was it was in the old days. We had the two month bus. I don’t know. I think now it’s mostly one one person but so the conductor came off. And then when they looked, I was still there. I was alive. And you know, I didn’t really know what had happened. I was just, you know, and I remember that vividly. You know, and we went to church on my grandma. You know, she obviously told them what had happened. And everyone was you know, gasping Oh my god. And you know, prayed and YPO but yes, that was such a first An experiment close

call with with with. Yes. Let me let me just sorry. Let me just give you some feedback. I’m not going to do this anyway, Loris, but Loris is asking to, for you to share your social media information. All of these all of these stories that you’re telling, which are true, all of your experiences are true. I think you should start writing a book if you haven’t already. Well, let’s go to the next close.

Yeah, you know, it’s funny, I had other ideas, but as you say, I think because as I’m speaking about it, I’m feeling quite motivated a long time ago, because I was very little at the time. And as I’m talking about it, it just brings home to me, you know, how, you know, I could have, you know, I’m so lucky to be here. After all these but that’s, that’s not even the end of it. I’ve got more to tell your listeners.

We’ve got an hour got another 30 minutes. Ah,

okay. Age 10. Me and my friends, my best friend at church, Peggy, you know, lovely, lovely. She was so she’s one of these children. She never I’ve never heard her say a bad word about anyone. She’s always smiling. She She was I was the oldest in my family. She was the oldest and her family. And she was just a really nice, you know, little girl. Yeah, like that. You know, we were both like 10 and after church some you know, the the the ice the ice cream ban came sometime, you know, not every week, but when it does, so I went to my grandma, you know, can I get them then she went to her mum .

And we both went to the ice cream Bentley’s crossing the road, all come together crossing the road. And I don’t know what happened. But a car came from nowhere. We both fought together. For I stepped back, she went forward. And that was it. She was she she got hit. Oh, wow. She got here. And I’m telling you this. I was talking to my mom about it the other day. And I was saying, for a long time, I really felt guilty. I really felt guilty that, you know, I’m here. And she’s not.

That’s called survivor’s remorse. Right.

Sorry. So, as I’m talking about, I just feel Yeah, really? Yeah. Oh, wow. She just and she, she died up in the hospital.

How old? Were you at that time? Was that eight to 10? Did you say?

We were Yeah, we were both about 10. About 10. Yeah. And it’s funny because what I do remember is Elisa, we had a lady preacher come over, and she was preaching. And all she kept talking about was something that she just called that deaf in the pot deaf in the pot. I remember her saying some you know, remember that. And you know, we were little children. We just you know, when you when you hear these preachings, you just think, Oh, well, we’re sitting with you with our friend was just laughing and talking. And then we go out there ice cream van. And that was it. That was the end of you know that little life. Yeah, that you know, had so much promise, you know, and I think you’ve been there for a long time. I kind of sabotage myself because it felt quite, you know, quite because we were together. And it’s nice.

When you say one person when you say sabotage yourself, what do you mean? And I also want to want to just add Marcia demurrer says, that had to be traumatic. How how did that affect you? And what do you mean by sabotage yourself?

I feel and it is obviously it’s funny. I was talking to my mom about this the other day, and she was like, really shocked. Because I didn’t really talk about I couldn’t I couldn’t talk about it. I feel I feel that it just made me a bit more of a small withdrawn and I think it affects you know, my shyness became more you know, more more pronounced more obvious. And you know, it’s so it’s really awkward and I’ve never spoken about this publicly like this. It just makes you just yeah, it just brings up that it’s it’s good it’s so it’s okay to talk about it but therapeutic makes me realize you know, I’m I’m been here on this planet for the length of time that I’ve been here and when I I look back and I think of taking she was so every shared everything you know. And she had a family that loved and adored her. I think she was the only girl in her family. So you can imagine how, you know her parents was absolutely devastated. They have one daughter. And they had fought it. They had four boys and the daughter and the mother. She’s never the same again.

All right, listen, folks. Well, listen, we’re talking to Imani. IMANI speaks. She’s a radio host, a UK radio host. Good friend of mine. Now we’ve met over the airwaves of the internet airwaves. And she’s talking about some experiences that she’s had. She’s had some pretty close calls with with debt over the years. She just mentioned two of them. And she has more. Of course, it must have been traumatic, and it helped it held you It made you more shy than you that you weren’t in the first place. But good evening may talk about some more of the events that have happened over your life.

Oh my god. Yeah. You know, one of the things I want to say before I go on is I don’t want to, you know, don’t want this to be, you know, kind of like, oh my god, doom and gloom. Because as I’m looking at them, I’m thinking, Oh, my God, people are gonna think Oh, my goodness. But

the good thing about it is that they’re saying there’s a light at the end of this story. And that’s, that’s really where we want to end up. But sometimes you have to just talk about the, you know, the traumatic stuff before we get to that inspire itself because we’re here to inspire at the end of the day.

Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. But yeah, I will, I will. The third, my third situation was it was such a, it was like, I was out I was going out with my daughter was going to take her out to get her hair done, get her hair braided. And my heating system wasn’t working. And so a friend of mine lent me one of these fan heaters. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? One day sort of flow? Oh, yes. Yeah. So at the time, like at some I couldn’t drive so I was getting a cab because it was going to the other side of London. So I’m bringing speaking to the cab driver and my daughter was, you know, sort of just playing you know, as children are waiting, they’re getting a little bit flustered. So what have she found there was a aerosol can we look at a spray, spray type thing? And see, yes, what I don’t know what happened. But she kind of rolled it in front of this. This fan heater. And all I know was that, you know, I was on fire that was like, blazing, you know, like, Oh, don’t bend aside my, you know, my leg.

My Face Off had started to peel off the window. Like, yeah, my window, chatted out it like it literally exploded. It was like 13 So once again, I just had to douse myself in cold water. But when when so I was doing that my skin on my nose was peeling off, you know, side of my face, and there’s like an in the side of my leg and oh my god. So I was you know, I was obviously I’m there like that. But guess what, you know, obviously, I’m thinking my daughter will let me check her. So I checked her. And thank God, she was fine.

So anyway, we went down to the hospital. And they said to me, well, it wasn’t the worst ones, but it looks worse than it then it will be she said, you know, would heal over time. But what had happened that could have that exposure we could have, you know, we could have died that day. Of course, we could have literally I’ll tell you is like it just everything just went and when I came back the whole window had charted out and I had had to obviously get that repaired because virtually the whole frame has moved shifted. Yeah. And it was really scary experience.

I can imagine seed I literally witnessed in your own skin coming off your face and stuff like that I was

so weak. I you know, I couldn’t I couldn’t go out I remember my you know, a family came to see me and it was I couldn’t go and everything had to be got fine because I couldn’t get out there unless it was p as it was you know over the weeks it was looking worse and worse and then eventually it all kind of cleared up and that I got my you know, I got most of my my skin back was heading without
without getting any

No, I didn’t. I think for me, I was really, you know, I was really, really lucky and blessed I suspect. But no, I didn’t have to have any screwed up cuz it wasn’t, you know, there’s I think it’s one two or three. I don’t want to say the wrong one. I think it’s, I think first if it first degree burns, and are the ones that healed under this third degree one, I think one, two or three, I’m not sure if it goes. The third is the worst versus worse.

Have some nurses in the in the chat room? If we haven’t nurse in the time, which one is the is the one that’s I guess, please, yes, heal yourself. That’s, uh, you know, because we have, we have skin. And we have, we have layers of skin, some of it can just go away. But then if it’s the worst one, which is lips, the scars then let us know if you were if you’re a nurse, and you in the chat room, and you know what the degrees are? Yeah, she would have had. That’s, that’s, that’s pretty interesting as well. But we were looking at your picture right now on the screen, and you look so beautiful. So thank God that you were able to sort of get not have to sort of go through life with those scars. Andrea says, third degree. So third degree is the one that you can that you heal from. Is that right? Back from? Okay. She is She is highly favored. She’s here for a purpose, a higher purpose. That’s what the rows say. Oh, Andrea. Third degree. Go ahead.

No, I’m just saying, you know, when the explosion happened, that was, it was it was just so scary and just seeing yourself you know, but you know, kind of burning in your skins as you’re rubbing your skin is coming off. It was a it was such a bizarre, you know, really strange, horrible experience. I can you know, and definitely, thank you to the sister who said, you know, because I must be because, you know, favors or what have you ever been? You know, it was it was all fall. Yeah, that’s all I can say it was really all fall. Yeah.

Yeah. So third degree is the worst first degree It only involves the epidermis. Yeah, so I was first degree that’s your first name? Yeah, yeah. Third degree is the worst one. Good evening, Julie Adly. Good evening. We’re just hearing some stories from our guest. Imani. She has a radio show in the UK called. What is the show called Imani? Is it called MIT speaks? It’s

called Imani. IMANI speech show. Yeah.

Okay. And

I’ll tell you how I got that name. So sorry, correct. Yeah,

I was gonna ask you what time and day does it come on?

It comes on on a Sunday. Between 10 and one. I two. That’s UK time. GMT. Yeah, GMT. I think it’s seven e s. T, if I’m not mistaken. Okay. around so it’s I think it’s around six or seven o’clock. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, that’s good. So we’ll be able to, we’ll be able to tune in, and you have some pretty interesting, but you’re gonna you’re gonna say something about your show, I think what were you gonna say about the show? The short names?

Yeah, the name. IMANI speaks, because when I when I got my, when I got my phone first show that the chap had said, you know, what’s, what’s the name of your show was lame, your show. So my name is Faith. And it’s funny as we’re talking about all these things, and my grandmother had chosen my name faith. And you know what? The lady just said it just right. Yeah. And the mommy means faith. So when this chap when he asked me what’s my show’s name, I said Imani speaks and one of the reasons why I use the word fake is because I know that I struggle you know, as a shy person. And for me, that was a sight that was my show was supposed to represent me, you know, coming out of that shyness and you know, finding my voice speaking Yeah, so that’s how the name that’s why I’ve never changed it even though I’ve gone from you know, different radio stations

or no call and that’s that’s your brand.

Imam. And Imani means faith and as I’m saying, talking to you about all these things, is like my grandmother who was a really special person to me, it’s like she probably knew I was gonna go for a lot and I needed to have this faith and not you know, conquer my fear. Yeah,

you know, I just wanted to read your what Andrea said regarding the the degrees of burns she says second degree burns partial thickness burns affects the epidermis and the dermis lower layer of skin. The coat the they cause pain, redness, swelling and blistering. third degree burns, full thickness burns, go through the dermis and effects deeper tissues. They result in white or black and charred skin that may be numb. So of course, the third degree is the worst one. And thanks Goodness You didn’t have the degree first, because you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t have that lovely skin that we see right now.

No, I tell you what I was very grateful, you know, as I saw that I was here because at first I didn’t really know what was going on, because it was it seemed to be getting, you know, it would just this skin was off and it was seemed to be getting worse before it got better. Okay. And then eventually, you know, it started to clear and I saw, you know, my because I couldn’t get it for weeks. It was that bad. But yes, yeah. All right. So thanks to your, your listener for, you know, sharing that, you know, explaining that to us.

Thank you, Andrea, thank you so much big Loris saying bigger pure strength Bravo Imani. So, you definitely are giving some people some inspiration today. But I want to go I want to go into one more issue. What more of those incidents that you’ve had? You said you had about six or seven? We’re not going to go through all of them. But the one that I want to talk about as well was was the fact that you had some health issues. And you made some drastic changes. And this is probably one of one of the experiences that is probably going to resonate mostly with our audience because a lot of people have similar situations. You want to talk about that?

Yes, absolutely. Yeah, it’s funny, that that particular situation, I’d spoken to a lady about it, and she did a seminar few years ago, she invited me to speak on that, because she felt that was really important, you know, the health and where I was, okay, so this was about 20 years ago. And I was just, I was going, I was just in a terrible state of health, which I’d never, you know, kind of gone through before. I’d put on some weight, I’d started to get IBS symptoms. I had raging blood sugars. And I was just a complete mess. I was, I had a full time job. And I was going in, sometimes twice a week, three times a week, sometimes once a week, I rarely was able to do a full week for weeks and weeks.

I don’t even know how to stay in my job, that I was never happening. Yeah, horrible, horrible cramps, and just feeling you know, just do things so much. It says having no energy. When I went to my doctors, you know, they did all the checks and tests and what have you. And she said to me, she looked me in the eye. And she said, you know, if you carry on like this, this lifestyle, you’re not going to live to see your next birthday. Wow. And it was, yeah, it was it wasn’t it wasn’t good. And, you know, I was looking, you know, had a life to look at that I was looking forward to. And I was like, you know, that notice isn’t gonna happen. So she wanted to put me on Yeah, I had some blood pressure problems as well. So she wants to give me all these, you know, as they do, they want to give you the prescription. And I’m not,

I’m not here to say to people, if you are on prescription, you know, don’t take it or don’t listen to your doctor, you definitely should listen to your doctor. But one of the things that I will say to you, I worked in the medical, you know, as I was saying earlier on, and when I do the reports on people, you’d find that they’ve come in with, like, one thing. Yeah. And then it just grows and expands. Because usually, a lot of the times that you know, these medications, they have side effects, so they really need something for those. So when she said when she said that to me, I said to her, you know, okay, I will, you know, come in, I will sort and sort myself out. So I went away and I sort of, I’m the sort of person I love to I love to learn, I love to research.

So I went away and I just really worked on healing my body. So I changed my diet. I started off with eating fruits in the morning. And then you know, real lots and lots of vegetables. Yeah, cutting out cutting down on meat and, or eating meat and vegetables. Instead of having the whole thing on one paper. I changed my diet. I also you know, took just took more time out for me one thing, but what was happening to me at that time, I was really really busy as so many things that I was doing. And I was forgetting about me. Yeah. So, you know, like how you you know, you get to a point where you say oh my god, this is urgent. This,

I need to attend to this and that and not really realizing that the core which is your, if you’re not taken care of, then none of these other things really matter, because they won’t, you know, if you’re not, if you’re not, in your best self, you can’t do all these other things. So that was what that was a big part of it as well, I wasn’t, you know, putting myself first I wasn’t looking at, you know, looking at my own self care. And I was, you know, bashing around and eating, and you know, just eating all the all the wrong feelings. My body just couldn’t. And you know, and I’m like five foot three, and I got to like 14, nearly 14 and a half stones. And he just was

Did I have a study? 14 and a half starch, perhaps that is in pounds? No calculation.

So that 1414 times 10 100 458 No, it’s more than that, isn’t it? It’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. I’m trying to okay, what I’ll do, I’m gonna, I’m gonna see if I can go. Yeah, so yeah. I, I would say I was.

Okay. So it worked out for 1496 pounds. So that’s almost, that’s almost 200 pounds. Oh, my goodness. Oh, wow. Okay, so that puts it into more context.

I put three, you know.

Yeah. So Marlon, I am so

yeah, I’ve got I think I’ve got a thing in my one of my groups. And that’s where that lady saw, you know, she asked me about my situation, my story. Yeah. But yeah, going, going back to this. Yeah. So I realized I had to change, you know, everything, I had to take care of myself, I used to, you know, to eat differently. And I, you know, herbs and all sorts of different things. At one point, I even went, you know, complete, you know, on a raw, complete raw food diet. But what I would say, you know, it’s not about it’s not really about, you know, what you decide to go with, it’s about you deciding to put yourself first, you know, there is that saying, you know, when you get on there a pain, they say the event of an emergency, you know, feed yourself in oxygen first is he doesn’t say feed your, your child, baby, first, your parents, first, your partner first, feed yourself that oxygen first.

And I would say in life that is, you know, something that, you know, we need to adopt, especially women, as women, sometimes, you know, we’re running around and thinking about everything and everybody and not, you know, and then we leave ourselves out of the equation. And when you do that, and one another thing as well, I had, because I was doing a lot and there was a lot going on a lot of things going on, you know, stress, you know, you’re running around from Word and you’re doing this and, you know, doing that and you’re not, you know, the stresses is, to me is one of the biggest challenges that we have in the 21st century. So that, you know, caught you know, a kickback sort of contributed to my issues as what my health issues as well.

But yes, I might when she said to me, if you carry on like this, you won’t you won’t live to see on expert and to be honest with you, she didn’t need to tell me I felt it. Oh, boy, I everyday I woke up, I was feeling awful. Oh, and yeah, she didn’t need to tell me. Because I don’t. I’m not one of those people who go to a doctor’s, you know, if I don’t have to, but it got to the point where it was getting so bad. I had to go in and see what was wrong. And when she told me that, that was the wake up call. And you know, I didn’t need to be told again. Okay, and ever since I’ve been very, you know, I’m not saying I’m one of these. Not one of these people who’s like health like freaks. Yeah, I’m always conscious that you know, I’m living on borrowed time.

I have to how would your parents did you lose? Well, I know that you would put it on your website. You’d lost how many pounds? Was it or stolen? Sorry.

I’d gone and I’d lost. I’d lost let me say 1235. Yeah, I’ve got down to about nine stone something.

I’m gonna do the calculation. Yeah. All right. So you went down to about 126 pounds. So that’s you No, that’s yeah, that’s considerable. That’s almost. Yeah, almost half your way. Yeah. But But how did you feel? Talk about how you felt after you got you lost the way because it wasn’t just about losing weight, it was about the healthy lifestyle, how did you feel?

I felt, you know, I felt really good in myself, I felt definitely all the symptoms, I’m not even joking all the symptoms, it had, you know, gone. Because I’d removed the issue I’ve removed, I’ve removed the root problem, which was, you know, me not taking care of myself, me not taking care of, you know, stress levels, and me eating what my body needs. And this is the thing as well, it’s like everybody that everyone’s body is unique to them. And it’s about finding what works for you. You know, there are the basic things, we all know that obviously, if you eat, you know, fruits and vegetables, if you add that into your diet, if you drink water, you know, if you have herbs, you know, you’re, you’re in a in a good, you’re in a good, you’re gonna wait, you’re on your way to health, yeah, they drive you to health. But, you know, also, I would say, you know, the way you think and the way you manage your stress levels, so

how did you how did you do that? As much? So I understand how about the food, the health, the food part of it, what else did you do to for the, for the, for the mind, and for the other? Well be parts?

Yeah, nature go, you know, go walk in nature, I at the time, I lived near a park near that part that, you know, go there and walk. I do that before I go into work. So in the morning, I was going, you know, go for a walk before, you know, so when I got to work, I was fine. You know, I was just feeling really good. Yeah. And exercise. You know, I like I like the rebound. I like, like dancing. Yeah, and one of the things. Yeah, one of the things that’s really good for women, because I’m very much about the feminine energy and stuff like that. So I felt, you know, one of the things that’s really important is like, a woman, you know, because a wound, you know, the wound man, as they say. So, you know, the womb, you know, likes, when you move, it’s like, you’re kind of, you know, you’re moving your whole energy field, you’re, and you’re removing any service, when you feel really good when you dance, because you’re dancing in the in the ether, you’re kind of, you know, allowing yourself to just flow in that moment.

And all that oxygen, you know, is coming into you This is why as well, the path when you go into the park, you’ve got pure oxygen. You know, yeah. The other thing I would say to you one of the reasons as well, why I feel my health situation was, you know, kind of maybe a little bit more than you might say, Well, other people may have some of those things, nothing is I I’ve got sickle cell trait. And I, it’s funny, it’s one of those things that you don’t always realize, you know, again, is something to look into, because I was listening to somebody else’s show recently. And they were saying that anyone who’s got sickle cell trait should carry a card. Because I don’t know if you know what, you know, that is, you know, the oxygen level in the blood. And you know, what happens? Yeah, yeah. So and I didn’t even realize that me and my sister, we were listening, because we both have had the trait. Yeah, when you, you tend to when you’re going when you have any pain, you tend to feel worse, rather than, you know, because of the way the blood, you know, it’s thickened.

So I do a lot of exercises I like to do, it’s very much related to you know, anything that moves the blood, anything that sort of shifts the bands. So, you know, because it makes you feel more awake more, you know, because when you feel that sort of kind of put it in that you know, that lousy way can you feel oh my god, right. Yeah. Tired tends to be yeah, that’s, yeah. So you can feel quite foggy. A lot of the time as a, you know, as somebody who’s got sickle cell trait, not as much as say the person who’s got the full illness, but you can you can have those symptoms. So that’s another thing as well, but I will kind of expect just in case anyone else in your audience has got that but we learned the other day that you have to have you should have the card row. If anything were to happen to you. Yeah,

right, essentially then so we’ve got it. We’ve got about To wrap up the call, we’re almost five to five to 10. We’ve been talking for like the last hour, I can’t even believe it. But just just to round. Yeah, I know, just to wrap up the conversation and, and sort of bring everything back. Everybody this is he miny moe speaks She say, a UK radio host, a fellow radio host. We met online and immediately connected. And, you know, she interviewed me some time ago. And we’re doing the reverse now. And it’s because it’s so interested in interviewing somebody who is also in the same field. And it’s really nice to talk to you Imani. But you’ve given us you’ve given us some some information regarding, you know, what you do for your show. And then also, some of these life challenges that you’ve had, that have made you look at life a little bit differently. If you were to try to sum up everything that we spoke about today, and leave some leave us leave our audience with a nice positive inspirational message, what would you say?

Oh, wow. I would say to you, you know, focus on focus on finding the greatness within you focus on finding the good within you. I would also say to you to look at your don’t look at what you’ve lost, or what you think you’ve lost, because you never really lose anything. Look at what you’ve got left. Look at, you know, always, I think what is also important is, look at people look at who you can help. And then also look to people that you admire, who can help you and who you can look at and emulate. One of the things I would say is, if we, if we, if we look if we stay where we’re comfortable, yeah, you know, you don’t, you don’t really move. And also it causes that sort of crab in the barrel mentality.

So I’d say to, you know, focus on the greatness within you within you and share it. It’s, it is scary, because sometimes you don’t know how, what you’re what you’re going to what you want to bring out how it’s going to be received or perceived. But just know that you’ve, you’ve come with a gift on this planet, you know, and that’s what you’re here to shine. And don’t let anyone dim your light. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re you’re you’re not you’re not worthy, you’re not worth it. Any situation that is holding you back. You know, remove yourself from it and move so that you can move forward. When you lighten your load. Yeah, the whole thing is about becoming enlightened being enlightened means you lighten the load the emotional load, the you know the things that hold you back. So I would say to you shine your beautiful light. And you know, let’s share it with the world.

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