A connection at the mental level between a couple will enhance their relationship.  Both parties enjoy being together and have a similar outlook on life. 

Happy couple connection at the mental level
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One of the attributes of a successful relationship is to fall in love with each other’s minds. When you have this built-in mutual respect for each other at the mental level and beyond, it builds trust and empowers the couple and the relationship.  The couple is drawn to endless intellectual reflections enhanced by spiritual, emotional and physical attraction, but it is their shared love of mindblowing intellectual acrobats that keeps them coming back for more. 

The Couple Bubble

When a couple has a strong logical and intuitive connection in their relationship, they are able to connect with each other’s inner voice, they finish each other’s sentences, they don’t have to spell things out. They have this inner knowing, they are in their own unique couple bubble. They are able to co-exist in a harmonious space oblivious of crowds, not paying attention to anyone else. When they are away from each other they crave nothing more than getting together for one of their scrumptious three-course logical adventures.

Having a powerful mental connection with your partner allows you to eliminate mental drama from your love life, the only drama you’ll want to explore is role-playing at the weekend.

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You don’t have to be intellectual geniuses to enjoy the powerful mind connection in your relationship. The power is in having a shared mindset and similar core values. You don’t have to be a great conversationalist, but you will have great conversations because you are both coming from your heart. You both share the same long term goals, dreams and desires. Of course, you have your own personal goals which only enhances the mental rapport you both enjoy.

Cognitive proximity is important for relationship longevity, as it means there will be fewer conflicts. When your worldview is not aligned, having different values leads to couples growing apart due to not understanding each other’s mental language.

Couples who share a mind-to-mind rapport have the ability to remain caring and supportive friends long after the honeymoon phase is over because what brought them together remains intact, and becomes even more rewarding and fulfilling as they discover even more mental passions they have in common.

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