How to Turn Your Three-dimensional Relationship into Heaven on Earth

How to Turn Your Three-dimensional Relationship into Heaven on Earth

Here are a few tips 

About fifth dimensional relationships

They bring joy and, freedom 

To your relationship kingdom

Loving yourself first

Will open your inner Universe

You will feel confident 

To be open with your confidant 

Fifth-dimensional love 

Is unconditional love

When you give the best of who you are

Your intimacy will go far

What is a Relationship in the Fifth Dimension?

Relationships in the fifth dimension are nurturing, therapeutic, and long-term. Both spirits are evolving. They enable you to bring your best self to the connection, allowing you to be the gift you seek. Your soul family lineage includes your fifth-dimensional companion.

You have a biological family, but you also have a spiritual family that loves and accepts you for who you are. You don’t have to justify yourself, change who you are, or try to fit into someone else’s mould of who they think you should be; it’s a nurturing connection where you let each other be who you are.

There is no need to change yourself, no control, and no soul confinement in the fifth-dimensional connection paradise. This caring setting makes your soul feel at ease.

Relationships in the fifth dimensional vs. the third dimensional

In third-dimensional relationships, the sensation can range from honeymoon bliss to long-term misery. This isn’t because people are cruel; it’s because they haven’t been taught how relationships operate, that they begin on the spiritual plane and come with a wisdom guidebook that explains how to maintain, support, and nurture one another.

Egoic love is third-dimensional love; it’s all about (me) and nothing else (we)

Only the physical aspect of a couple can be seen, which is finite and changeable. Fifth-dimensional souls perceive themselves as powerful spiritual beings who are willing to give their all.

As the ego is self-conscious (not self-aware) and easily offended, ego contact on the third dimension is ephemeral and might go awry. If you and your partner are having problems, you may need to take some time apart to heal. A Relationship Coach or Spiritual Coach can support you in resolving the conflict between the ego and the soul/spirit.

The fifth-dimensional world’s Soul connection is quite different. At the soul level, they’re in sync. Between them, there is a spiritual connection.

They may feel like two bodies sharing one soul, so they are continually thinking about what they can give to their significant other rather than what they can do for themselves. This is referred to be a spiritual connection, in which two people share a common soul experience rather than emotional addiction between two egos hiding behind numerous masks.

Fifth Dimensional Relationships are imaginative, always thinking outside the box, and in command of their human minds. They are completely free to express themselves fully from the soul, as the mind does not come in the way. They are not afraid to speak their truth in love, and since they are connected on a higher frequency, what they say can be received in a way that is both rewarding and nutritious for the soul.

Fifth-dimensional love is all about loving the other as much as you love yourself, but you must first learn to love yourself completely.

Everything else falls into place when you start working from the spiritual realm. You must lay a solid foundation for a loving connection that will last a lifetime. A healthy connection is formed by two complete people.

You’ll stop attracting third-dimensional connections that trigger you and instead start attracting partnerships that enrich your mind, body, and soul. You’ll feel a new intimacy arise between you that you’ve always wanted but never felt in your old third-dimensional relationship structure.

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