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I feel really excited, honoured and blessed to bring you the second of three articles by lovely Rebecca Adams. In this blog post, Rebecca shares valuable life-enhancing tips around self-Love & self-care. You will learn how you can fulfil your well-being goals and free up some well-deserved me-time.

Self-love and Self-care is NOT selfish. It’s important and is needed.

It truly is a gift you can give to yourself on a daily basis in order to nurture yourself, heal your soul and mind and also to help you be relaxed and take care of.

Feeling supported is powerful and when you can pour into yourself it truly will change your life, but you have to see that it doesn’t all mean spa days and spending lots of money. It can be a simple as painting your toenails, having a hot sea salt bath, burling up in a blanket and reading your book or listening to music.

Self-care and self-love can also mean saying no to things you don’t want to do or that hurt your soul. You know those things that feel seriously icky, and your gut is screaming at you to not do them – yes, those things. Just say no.

Empowering yourself, remembering that you are a king and queen and to keep your crown on your head and setting boundaries within your life are something that you need to give yourself permission to do and have.

You are not available to and for everyone and you are here to live your life fully, to fathom out why you’re here and to run with it daily and enjoy your experience whilst you’re here without feeling unworthy and drained by chasing after everything or others.

Be grateful every day and know that by saying yes to you more – you will increase your energy, your positive thoughts and emotions and you’ll feel much better too.

I love to practise gratitude, just be present in silence and read. I love to take walks in nature amongst the trees and I also need alone time, for me to charge up. What lights my soul is doing the things I love and being content and at peace. They light me up considerably and it really is wonderful to experience.

To look after myself, I make sure that I use dōTERRA essential oils, I drink plenty of water, eat fruit and my rainbow colour food, get Vit D from the sun, fresh air, and sleep. I also go for walks when I’m not working and I always try and laugh at something every day – it’s great to smile and laugh – it’s good for the soul right?

I also surround myself with people who align with me and my energy. I choose now not to have discussions about topics that drain me and I will always protect my energy 100%.

There are many decisions I’ve made to look after myself and my mindset, energy and boundaries over the years and you can do this too. I look at what I love to do vs what I don’t like and I delete and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve me.  

Self-love and self-care is a practise you need to bring into your life daily so you have pockets of time, even if it’s 15 minutes, that you can top-up yourself. It truly is worth doing and think about it….. if you can top up a minimum of 15 minutes per day for a year that’s a lot of time for yourself and that’s as you bring it into your life.

When you can change your lifestyle to have this routine in your life constantly and you uplevel it to an hour a day, then that’s even more time for you to take care of yourself.

Know that you are the hub of the house and you’re very important so you need to be okay so that you can take care of others too – but, YOU come first! ~ always!

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