Your ability to love yourself creates a blueprint for all other relationships. Your love blueprint is a printout of all your thoughts, experiences, memories, beliefs, desires, and fears; this is also known as your energy field or Aura.

Your energy field is your personal space; people will gravitate towards you or be repelled by you. Every experience you’ve ever had will be contained in your Energy field. This is the energy that spiritual healers can interpret for you when you go to them for a reading.

To transform your relationships and experience love, you must travel to the inner realms inside you.

The Chakras System

There are 7 different levels to our energy field which contain information about every dimension of our lives. 

The Chakra System 

1.    The base/root Chakra – (Red)

Survival, instincts, and stable foundation. 

2.    Splenic/Sacral Chakra – (Orange)

Intimacy and pleasure. 

3.    Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

Personal power, self-esteem, transformation

4.    Heart Chakra (Green)

Love for oneself and others, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness

5.    Throat Chakra (Blue)

Communication, self-expression, the ability to speak your personal truth

6.    Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)

Perception, awareness, and spiritual communication deepen your spiritual connection

7.    Crown Chakra (Violet)

Spiritual connection and transformation, connecting you to the divine, awareness that you are a soul connected to a human body.

The Chakras all lead to our aura and provide information on different areas of our lives:-

∙         Physical health

∙         Sexuality

∙         Subconscious fears

∙         Happy memories

∙         Inspirations

∙         Beliefs

∙         Emotions

So when you meet someone new, all this information is there floating around; if you can quiet the mind and tune in, you may find that you will discover things about them.  

Our magnetic thoughts

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Our thoughts are magnetic and reside in our energy field; they affect you and everyone around you.

How does the mind affect you and your significant other?

When you are in a relationship, you will connect to your partner via energy frequencies known as your thoughts and emotions. The partner you attract and the love you experience will always match your most dominant thoughts, emotional feelings, and beliefs about yourself.

When two people come together, they are like two universes, either in conflict or in harmony with each other.

Your thoughts and emotions are energetic forces that will impact your relationship and determine your ability to give and receive love.

You and your partner may have excess relationship baggage from the past. You may have encountered traumatic life experiences have opposing thoughts and beliefs. You may trigger each other emotionally, creating a toxic relationship.

Clear your energy field before embarking on a new relationship. Have positive thoughts about what you want. When you have reconciled and healed your past; and have stable emotions, you will attract someone who matches your vibration.

To get the most out of your personal power, you have to keep it clean. Working with a psychic or spiritual counsellor/coach can help you release the excess toxicity.


Remember that everything starts with you. You have an inner world with a hidden realm that only you can access. Your inner world is where all your thoughts, emotions, beliefs reside, and they affect every area of your life.

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If you want an attractive love life, you have to have an attractive mind, which will be magnetic, bringing you the love you desire.

Be careful what you are downloading and storing about love and relationships in your mind.

Whatever you focus on most of the time will become part of your life.
You do not attract what you want; you attract more of what you already have and who you are.

The mind is habit-forming, so change your cognitive thinking, attract more love by loving yourself first, and love will find you.

Love is all in the mind

Love begins with YOU, you’ll find

You will find that special one

When you are open they will come

They will only appear

When you no longer court fear

Attracting your soul mate

Is more than going on a couple of dates

You have to feel good about you

And teach them how to treat you

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